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Gambia Women’s Finance Association (GAWFA) was established in 1987. It aims to build a viable and sustainable women's organisation serving as a financial intermediary to enhance the entrepreneurship development of low income women as a means of eradicating their poverty and increasing their participation in the socioeconomic development of The Gambia.

GAWFA is a member of Women’s World Banking (WWB) and The Association of NGOs (TANGO).

1. GAWFA mainly works with:-

F low income individual women who wish to start a business or are already in business;

F village-based women’s groups engaged in income generating activities.

2. GAWFA provides:-

F a voluntary savings programme that is open to everybody - women, men, youths, groups, corporate bodies, regardless of occupation or income level;

F an integrated savings and credit programme which is meant for GAWFA members - low income women (individuals and groups);

F business advice for GAWFA members;

F advocacy on gender and policies and practices pertaining to micro finance and micro/small scale enterprises;

F support for women’s kafos to access assistance from other development partners for milling machines, construction of wells and marketplaces, etc.

3. GAWFA provides loans for:-

  • agricultural activities such as poultry raising, sheep fattening, vegetable gardening and others;
  • petty trading, wholesale and retail of all goods
  • soap making, tie dyeing, dressmaking, food processing and others;
  • buying milling machines, sewing machines, refrigerators, farming tools, seednuts and fertiliser;
  • market vendors, shopkeepers, farmers, dressmakers, handicraft producers and others;
  • individual women, groups and Savings and Credit Associations (SACAs).




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