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GAWFA’s track record:-

F operations in Greater Banjul, Lower River Division, North Bank Division, Upper River Division and Western Division;

F membership of more than 150 village-based women’s groups and 1000 individual women;

F more than D2.6 million as loans benefiting more than 4,000 women in rural and urban areas from 1991 to 1998;

F more than D1 million savings collected from 9,500 savers from 1994 to 1998;

F business advice and management training provided to more than 2,000 women;

F an average of 95% on time repayment rate;

F campaigns addressing violence against women, women and politics and women and HIV/AIDS;

F involvement in the formulation of policy guidelines for non-bank financial institutions in The Gambia;

F organised symposium on the policy framework governing micro and small scale enterprises in The Gambia;

F participated in WTO and UNCTAD conferences on trade and investment.

F the first microfinance organisation to be licenced by The Central Bank of The Gambia as a Non-Bank Financial Institution.